Thank you for supporting CreekCraft! For supporting us, you will receive the following perks!

  • Creepers creepin'? Keep your experience on death!
  • Need quick and fast storage? Access all items in your Ender Chest from anywhere, at anytime! Just type in /ec.
  • Need to go up? Use /asc to go up a level!
  • Too lazy to take the stairs? Descend a level (with /desc)
  • Need to get to a place you can't get to easily? Use a compass (or /j, and /thru) to teleport you to a block, or through walls!
  • Stuck in a block and about to die? Type in /! to get unstuck!
  • A new project, but running out of homes you can set? By supporting CreekCraft you will have unlimited homes!
  • Keep having to move items to your hotbar from your backpack when building? No more! You will now have those blocks back in hand nearly instantaneously!
  • Full inventory, too lazy to put everything away? Me too. Type /da near your chests, and everything that is not in your hotbar is sorted automatically!
  • Hungry, or do you need that extra space in your backpack? Type /feed and be fed instantly!
  • No one likes waiting! mcMMO cooldowns have been reduced by HALF!
  • Plus, we all want a good thing to last. mcMMO ablilities are 12 seconds longer!
  • More coming soon!

Thank you for being the best part of the CreekCraft family!

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